The ability to persist when failure looks inevitable is a key principle to a successful person. If a person is persistent no matter how large the adversity appears, they will succeed. If you persist, if you continue to charge forward, you will succeed.

Persistence is a skill we can all learn. Your persistence will be tested when you come across failure in life, whether it is in personal life or professional life. We are not delivered into this world in defeat. Failure is not an option if our desire to succeed is strong enough. No matter what happens, we must persist.
There is no substitute for persistence. People who fall into the habit of being persistent to the point of stubbornness may encounter failure but the difference between them and others is that they are able to learn something new with every set back and try again.

Persistence is a state of mind and therefore it can be developed in you. Persistence is based on having desire and purpose. Persistence is about developing positive habits and avoiding negative habits and influences. We never know when success will come. We may encounter failure at the thousandth step, yet success hides behind the next bend in the road. We must always take that next step no matter how difficult it seems.
It is helpful to consider each day’s efforts as but one blow of your blade against a mighty tree. The first blow may be of no consequence, nor the second, not the third, but from persistent swipes, the tree will eventually tumble. We can build our mansion one brick at a time for we know that from small attempts, repeated, we will eventually complete the undertaking.

We must get into the habit of never considering defeat. Try to avoid despair, but if this mind affliction comes, work on in despair. Keep your eyes on the goals above your head and know that when the rain stops, the sun will rise again.

Utilizing the law of averages can also be counted upon. Knowing that each failure to sell will increase your chance for success at the next attempt is the Law of Averages. Develop the knowledge that each set-back, each obstacle is only a mere detour to your goals. Learning to ride out the storms is where your true skill will develop. Every set back is in truth a great opportunity in disguise. Learning to recognize these opportunities will bring you closer to success.

Another positive seed you can plant each day, is to never let a day end with a failure. Make one more call, and then another until you end the day with a success and you will plant the seed of tomorrow’s successes. Also, never allow yesterday’s success to lull you into today’s complacency. Forget the day that is gone, whether it was good or bad and make today the best day of your life. Persist until you succeed.

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