‚ÄčIf you’re a student of self improvement, then you’ve most likely already heard of Jim Rohn. I’m a HUGE fan on Jim, and in this issue I’ll outline his very powerful one year success plan. Also – don’t forget to check out the quick tool in this issue – it’s a definite time (and frustration) saver.

– I hope you enjoy this issue. – Jack Madison

“Until a person can say deeply and honestly, “I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday,” that person cannot say, “I choose otherwise” – Stephen R. Covey

How to Double Any Company’s Revenues in 12 Months

Thirty years ago I was introduced to a man who spoke about success principles; I was changed from that day forward. You see, I had just graduated from college, a 7 year hiatus from real life that nailed me a 4 year degree. I had no real prospects for a job and quickly realized that real life was much more difficult than college.

As I began looking for a career that cared about my degree, a friend that I graduated with invited me to move to Sun Valley with him and go to work selling condominiums. In the early 80’s, condominiums were just becoming popular. He thought he could get me on with this company and invited me up to interview with the sales manager. I didn’t have much sales experience so my buddy gave me a leadership tape from Jim Rohn. This one act had a direct impact on any success I would later achieve.

I spent the next 6 months wearing those cassette tapes out and learning that there really was a huge potential in all of us to succeed in a big way. Within 3 years of going to work at this job, I had become the top salesman and decided to start my own business. From there, I created and developed a multi-million dollar marketing business which I sold before I was 30.

As I’ve gone through my business experiences, I have continued to buy everything I could get my hands on that Jim Rohn produced. Over the years I have made and lost several fortunes, but I have never wavered from continuing to apply success principles that I learned from Jim Rohn. He has firmly placed me on a path of self improvement and personal development.

Jim is also an Idaho farm boy who grew up in obscurity. Started with nothing and made a great fortune in his life, as well as influencing the lives of countless individuals. He is well accepted at America’s Best Business Philosopher.

Following Jim Rohn, I have learned that nearly all big problems can be broken into a few small ones and easily overcome. While working towards growing my own businesses, I have discovered that one can easily double revenues through a few simple steps.

To double your revenues, you need to do 1 or all of the following:

  1. Bring in more new customers
  2. Compel customers to come back to you more often
  3. Consistently increase the amount of money each customer is willing to spend with you on each purchase
  4. Keep each customer with you longer

If you work to improve all of the above, you only need to accomplish the following:

  1. Cause 30% more new customers to make their first purchase from you
  2. Cause existing customers to buy from you 30% more often
  3. Cause customers to spend just 30% more on each new order than they’ve spent in the past
  4. And cause customers to stay with you 30% longer

If by sharpening your media selection, sales copy, and offer, you can improve in those areas, you would double your company’s revenues in 12 months.

We will be expanding on how to accomplish each aspect of these principles in subsequent newsletters.

Whether you are starting a business from scratch, growing your existing business or trying to become more valuable to your employer and get a raise, you need to utilize every tool available.

That’s why Jim Rohn has created the One-Year Success Plan.

For less than the cost of buying a cup of coffee each day, you can start your morning with a personal session from a legend. The team at Setting Your Sail has decided to take our business to the next level in 2010 and invite you to do the same.

Come join our team in experiencing the power of The Jim Rohn One-Year Successs Plan

What you’ll receive in this powerful one-year game plan:

  • 12 pillars of success for a happy and successful life
  • weekly communication
  • written resources
  • audio resources
  • monthly teleseminars
  • special bonuses

…all from premier trainers.

This plan empowers you to grow and continually transform yourself over a one-year (daily/weekly/monthly) period of time while focusing on a new pillar of success each month.

This program will guarantee substantial progress and growth to income, skills, relationships, new opportunities and much more for all those who commit to the process.

Join us in making the next 12 months more profitable than ever!

Quick Tools:

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With nearly 2,000 companies listed, you’re likely to find the company your after. The site also lists user tips and shortcuts for how to deal with customer service reps and get the service you need.

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