When Bad Habits Happen to Good Relationships

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Bad Habits in Relationships

People often come to relationships with bad habits when it comes to getting along with another person.  They may have every intention of making a relationship work, but ingrained trends stop them from truly connecting.  There are many such bad habits.

Jealousy plagues many otherwise good relationships.  A boyfriend might always suspect his girlfriend of going around with other men.  Or, it could be more subtle.  A woman may suspect that her husband is constantly looking for another female to take her place.  In either case, the jealous person may have nothing real to worry about.  This is when it gets to be nothing more than a bad habit.

Selective hearing is another problem that becomes a bad habit in relationships.  People do not pay attention to each other’s needs.  One person will try to explain something that is important to them, and the other will say, “yes, yes,” but will not really hear.

Then, when the first person says something the second person is interested in, suddenly they are in the conversation completely.  This fosters feelings of hostility, and is one of the relationship bad habits that can wear a couple down over time.

People can develop bad habits in long relationships if they lean too much on the other person.  They can depend so much on the other person that they lose the ability to take care of themselves.  A person in a relationship may become irresponsible at work because of it.  They may feel that they are taken care of anyway, so it does not matter.  These bad habits can take over every aspect of their lives.

Some couples fall into bad habits in their fighting.  All healthy couples will disagree from time to time.  Where bad habits come in is the way the arguments are conducted.  One partner may have the bad habit of yelling at the top of her lungs.

Another partner may throw dishes instead.  Still another may bring up old arguments to try to hurt the other person.  All these are bad habits in relationships because they are not productive forms of disagreement.

Many people in relationships get into the bad habits of nagging their partners.  This has often been portrayed as a women’s fault.  However, men do it too.  Sometimes, both parties in the relationship will nag each other.  That makes for a very unhealthy relationship.

Blaming comes with its own price.  This is a bad habit that erodes a relationship if it goes on too long.  One person may be taking all the blame.  In this case, that person’s self esteem can get to a very low point.

Other times, people can blame each other.  If this happens, the usual result is a disconnect between the two partners.  They do not want to be involved with someone who does not accept responsibility.

If you want to have a healthy relationship, you need to purge yourself of your bad habits.  The sooner you learn what you and your partner need to stay together, the better your bond will be.

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Power Through Affirmation

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“I am, therefore I exist,” is a phrase affirming one’s existence as a being. It may be a simple phrase, but it says everything about the being saying them. It indicates a confidence not commonly found among other beings.

But why do people need affirmation? Why do beings need to be affirmed? Is existence relative to one’s affirmation?

Affirmation is a very powerful technique to empower one’s subconscious. Once the subconscious is disciplined to believe one’s affirmation, the latter is converted into a positive action for the conscious mind. Through affirmation, beings are empowered to do, to work, and to strive for more things. Affirmation allows people to believe in themselves and to put their thoughts into action.

Affirmation is a combination of verbal and visual techniques of a preferred state of mind of a person. Strong affirmations can be very powerful, and can be used by almost anyone to achieve his goals and fulfill his desires. However, the power of an affirmation depends on how strong or weak an affirmation is. (more…)

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From Zero to Hero in 3 Steps

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How to Achieve Your Goals If You’re Born to Lose

Some individuals just seem to be born losers, these people just seem to fail more than others. If you think that you belong in that category, then you need a change of pace to start enjoying life more fully. There are some approaches that have been tried and proven by the experts and pros. You might find that you’re not such a big loser after all.

1. Understanding Yourself

Take a pen and paper and give yourself a brief evaluation. Write down the things that you believe are your strengths and weaknesses. It is very likely that you have more items in your weakness list compared to the ones in your strengths list if you are a born loser. Next, try to write down the reasons why you have the strength or weakness. For example, if you listed down “Patient” in your strength list, put some more specific details such as “I am willing to wait several months to save for a new mp3 player” or if you wrote down “Lazy” in your weakness list, you can correlate by stating “I do not like to wake up until after 10 in the morning.” (more…)

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Take Your Job And Love It

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“I hate this job!” You hear this often from people who are not satisfied with the job they hold. But they can’t take this thing called “job” away from them because it brings food to the table, buys them clothes and shoes to keep them in fashion, buys medicine to keep them healthy, and pays for almost everything they need on a day-to-day basis. Technically, it’s ironic that something like a “job” would be hated by so many people when it can bring them many benefits.

Psychologically, if you hate your job, it only means it’s something you do against your will. Anything that resists a flow makes the flows difficult. Similarly, anything that assists a flow makes the flow move faster.

Equating this with the way you may think about your job, if you put “love” instead of “hate” to your job, work becomes easier for you. This will make you more productive. The company will profit more. As a result, they will pay you more. Then, everybody becomes happy. (more…)

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Habits in the Workplace

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Habits in the Workplace

Everyone suffers when someone on the job has bad habits in the workplace.  Bad habits can make for an environment that is unfriendly, unproductive, or even unsafe.  You can only correct your bad habits in the workplace if you recognize them.

One of the most noticeable bad habits in the workplace is tardiness.  Some people just have a habit of being late to everything.  They are late to arrive, late back from break, and late back from lunch.  This not only puts them in jeopardy of losing their jobs.  It can affect the productivity of the whole crew or office.

Absenteeism is another bad habit that people can fall into easily.  A new trend is to make all accumulated days off the same.  Sick days, personal days, and vacation days are lumped together.  You just have a set number of days off and it is up to you how you take them.


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4 Ways to Fail at Your Goals

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4 Ways to Fail at Your Goals

A lot of people stay unsuccessful or have alternating experiences with success and failure, simply because they do not know that they have many bad traits. Bad traits pertain to habits and personal characteristics that ultimately lead to failure. Some of the things you’ve been so used to doing for several years may be the main reason why you struggle much.

1. The Basic Bad Habits

Laziness is one of the negative habits that a loser has. The worse thing is, lazy people usually do not want to get rid of the problem. If you want to achieve your goals, you need to understand the value of hard work and perseverance. Some of the greatest people in the world are known to work way more than those who did not leave a mark. The greats work longer hours, sleep less, eat less, wake up earlier and suffer more than anybody else. It takes sacrifice to reach your goals. The most important thing to know is that everything you have ever wanted is just outside your comfort zone. (more…)

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Goal Setting Strategies

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There are those who are bounded by laws and rules, yet success is too distant for them. On the other hand, there are those who appears to be easy going people but are successful. Think you have what it takes to be like them? Or would you rather do something different to achieve the elusive success? Take heart and set your goals.

What do goals represent by the way? These are actually representations of your visions about you and your future. Goals should be achievable and realistic. These kinds of goals allow you to put them into practice or at least do some activities that allow you to monitor your progress. However, more is involved in just merely setting realistic goals. Remember that in order to achieve your goals, you must act according to your goals. Otherwise, all else would be vanity if you do not exert effort in reaching them. The following will help you set achievable goals:

1.     Enhance your skills in achieving targeted goals by setting objectives, as well as standard and optional activities that will help you meet your goals. (more…)

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Own Your Problems, and Then Solve Them

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How much percentage in a class of 30 students would agree to you that Mathematics is a great subject? You might answer “around 10 to 35%” and that is all. True, most kids today are not thrilled to solve Mathematical equations not because they do not know the processes involved, but because of the lack of interest in it.

In a similar way, our daily activities do not mean 100% joy and 0% problems. At times, we have more problems than joy. Fortunately, some individual are skilled in handling problems right. Want to know their secrets?

Well, carefree people, as some might call them, have one thing in common: optimism. These kinds of people do not mean they never had problems before. Try remembering a colleague, a relative, a friend, or someone from your community who has the brightest smile at the start until the end of the day. How many times did you see that person frown? Carefree people are fun to be with because their attitude is contagious. Have you tried asking them how they carry their problems lightly? Below are their secrets: (more…)

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Expensive Bad Habits

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Expensive Bad Habits

Bad habits can be very expensive to maintain.  Never mind that they are annoying to others.  Do not think about the pain you cause yourself, if you do not want to.  Just remember that your bad habits are hitting you where it hurts-in your wallet.

Smoking has always been a bad habit to have.  In past times, people smoked more cigarettes, but cigarettes were cheaper.  Now, many people have cut down on the number of cigarettes they smoke per day.  Yet, those few are more expensive now than the many were back then.  That’s accounting for inflation, too.

This is because lawmakers have seen fit to put large taxes on cigarettes.  In many areas, the taxes are set to go up even higher.  Some states are planning hikes of $10 per carton.  If that will not stop you from smoking, what will?

Alcohol, too, is a bad habit that is subject to sin tax.  It depends on how expensive your taste in alcohol is whether it will cost you more or less.  Usually, most people will go to drinking less expensive alcohol as their dependency grows.  However, it is not unusual for someone to go to a bar on a Friday night and spend their paycheck on alcohol.

Many people get into bad habits of taking prescription drugs when they have an injury, such as a back injury.  They may be given muscle relaxants and strong pain relievers to get them through the first painful days.  This is a reasonable medical response to their condition.

Yet, the medication helps them feel so good that they will want to get more.  They may go back to the doctor to get more.  If the doctor will not agree, they may go to different doctors to get different prescriptions.  All these doctor visits and prescriptions usually come with a price tag.  Then, when that no longer works, they will go to get their pain relief medications on the streets.  It will cost even more to keep up their bad habits.

Of course, people who have bad habits with illegal drugs probably have some of the most expensive bad habits of all.  Whether it is cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or methamphetamine, there are no cheap drugs.  At least, there will not be an unlimited supply of cheap drugs.  If a person truly has a bad habit with one of these drugs, they will always want more until they quit.  The cost can get to be astronomical.

Gambling can lead people into financial hardship.  Some people have such bad habits with gambling that they lose their houses and everything else they own.  They may be in staggering debt on top of that.  Now that there is online gambling, they cannot even get away from their bad habits by staying home.

Shopaholics spend money like there is no tomorrow.  This bad habit can destroy a budget.  It can take money away from things that need to be paid, like a mortgage or car payment.

It is clear that these bad habits are costly in the short run.  Many of them are also costly over time, as health issues settle in.  The cost of cigarettes is high, for example, but the cost of lung cancer is very much higher.  Ridding yourself of these bad habits can only help your finances to get better.

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Avoiding Bad Habits

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Avoiding Bad Habits

Would it not be nice if you could avoid bad habits instead of having to quit them after starting?  No one will avoid all bad habits.  There are just too many to stay away from them all.  Yet, you can reduce the number of bad habits you have to conquer.
There are certain bad habits that you can avoid altogether.  Your body has no need for nicotine or tar from cigarettes.  So, if you do not take that first cigarette, you will never have to face the daunting task of giving them up.  It is well worth any social discomfort you might feel to dodge that bullet.
Other bad habits are a matter of degree.  Your body needs food.  Many people realize that they will gain a lot of weight if they do not take action.  However, you cannot just stop eating altogether.  You could for awhile, but that would not be healthy either.  Instead you must find a way to limit yourself.

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